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Shijiazhuang CAPT Power Transmission Co., Ltd. (or CAPT for short)

Shijiazhuang Factory -Shijiazhuang CAPT Power Transmission Co., Ltd. (CAPT for short) is specialized in research, development, production and sales for full series of power transmission products. We had invested 190 million RMB in accordance with the government and our own strategic development plan. The new planned land area is 66350.59 square meters for construction, with a total construction area of 42462.11 square meters, and a construction period for 18 months. The key buildings include: one comprehensive office building integrating R&D, production and sales, four CNC branches, one environmentally friendly foundry branch, one material preparation branch, one surface treatment branch, one heat treatment branch, and two packing branches, as well as supporting facilities such as power, sewage treatment and heat exchange and so on. CAPT has the ability to produce 11.2 million pieces/sets of various power transmission parts per year.The company mainly produces various standard and non-standard sprockets, timing pulleys, belt pulleys, taper bushings, locking devices, couplings, valve operators, gears, racks, worm gears and other 10 series of general transmission products. The products are sold to various area in the world such as Asia, Europe, America, Australia, etc. They are mainly used in the fields of various mechanical equipment and machine tool equipment.


Tianjin CAPT Power Transmission Co., Ltd.(Tianjin Factory)

Tianjin facility’s production equipment includes 12 sets of precision CNC machining centers; 20 sets of CNC lathes such as L-4050, L-P40, L-P-32,4 sets CNC gear hobbing machines, hob grinders, broaching machines,and sawing machines. Auxiliary and calibration machines includes, high precision coordinate measuring machine(CMM), laser machine, hydraulic marking machine, ultrasonic cleaning line.


CAPT-USA, INC and NSPT-USA, INC two North American partners

CAPT-USA, INC is Shijiazhuang Capt Power Transmission Co., Ltd.’s. North American distributor. Established in 1998, it is responsible for CAPT in the United States, Canada and South America export inventory and sales. NSPT-USA, INC is Shijiazhuang Capt Power Transmission Co., Ltd.’s other distributor in North America. It was established in 2005 and is the power transmission industry's fastest-growing specialty distributor with standard products. The company is also responsible for the United States, Canada, and in addition South America purchasing, inventory management and sales.


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No. 1 Guoxing Street, Gaocheng New District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, P.R. China

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