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CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Facility(7)


CAPT Relocation·The Journey to the New Facility(7)

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Today, our new canteen is start to serving meals as scheduled, of course, free of charge to all staffs today. What’s more, Mr Du, the CEO, will cooking in person. At noon, let’s have a date for lunch!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020. As you can felt those days in the new CAPT plant, staffs number here is increasing up day by day since last month from July 18 to August 18, thanks for all of staffs’ hard works manage to this consequence. Today, our new canteen is start to serving meals as scheduled, of course, free of charge to all staffs today. What’s more, Mr Du, the CEO, will cooking in person. At noon, let’s have a date for lunch!

Lunch break on August 18 2020 at 12:00pm, the new canteen is officially open, staffs from actuators workshop lit up environmental friendly gunpowder free fireworks to celebrating the opening of the new canteen. Chefs and “the special guest chef” Mr. Du prepare and cook meals together, what we can see is leader and chefs are cooking together! What we can feel by this meal is full of cares and love!

On the first floor, some big workshops assigned personnel to collect lunch for the others in order to reduce the risk from concentrated dining. On the second floor, some staffs lined up orderly to dining.

On the first floor of the new canteen equipped with new purchased air conditioners and heating and purification functioned water dispenser; on the second floor, landscape paintings furnished on the wall between the windows, simple but not monotone.

The new canteen management is totally standardized from layout to appliances positioning, duty regionalization, posted responsibility personnel and cards in relevant place, clear and easy to manage.

To make sure all staffs were able to dine on time, canteen chefs determined to relocate canteen appliances at weekends, they had been working overtime for two days and nights without go home, so we should cherish food and feel grateful for chefs contribute when dining here. This year, both the pandemic and massive floods have caused severe damages and losses. All CAPT staffs shall response to national call for “clear your plate campaign” actively, to build a conservation-conscious society, advocating “Shame on waste and honor for saving”, all staffs should answer with his action.

We neglect neither relocation nor production, at the same time, a group of technicians practiced skills rigorously are on the march of the technical pacesetters contest. On August 18, 2020, “the 5th inspect skill rematch” is on the march intensely. After the preliminary contest on July 31, five of them won out from 25 participants and inspectors to participate today’s rematch. Look, they squat or stand and inspect or calculate, meticulosity, all of them are concentrated to take out their years gather experience special skill to contest, we respect and learn from you!

By means of the platform of “skill contest” our company can improve staffs business level, and insistent on to constantly enhance the products quality. “Quality improving work for company is always underway without end”.

My plant! My home! During last rainstorm night, our employees Wang Yaming, Li Xingxing, Jin Ruixin, Zhu Chuanbin, Shen Yong, Shen Jianlei, Cheng Hao seven staffs protected our plant and “love the home” in the rain, they prevented company assets loss from the rainstorm. Our company awards RMB300 to each of them.

Our head of the family President Mr. and Mrs. Du put themselves out of the way, practiced in person just for all “family members” to have enough and better foods as much as possible! It is just real reflect the famous saying wrote by Fan Zhongyan “I’m concerned with my people while serving before the emperor, and I'm worried about my emperor while dedicating among the people”.

If the new plant has brought to us the improvements in hardware facilities, then lean production management, 6S training, eliminating the seven waste, reasonable suggestion, these things will bring to us savings in economic and staff quality improvement in overall, that is the soft power of our company! We trust CAPT and believe the future of us is expectable!


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