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CAPT Relocation:The journey to the new facility(2)


CAPT Relocation:The journey to the new facility(2)

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On July 20th 2020, Wednesday, The new equipment as well as the current one was moved to the new plant in succession. 

On July 20th 2020, Wednesday, the company relocation is in full swing. The new equipment as well as the current one was moved to the new plant in succession. The newly purchased red crane stands in contrasts to the  green environmental floor.

Our slogan is “Fighting against the heat”. After the first trial run of gear operators, today we saw the second group of machines began mass production. Two among six machines are newly purchased and still waiting to be tested. In accordance with the order of Plant Relocation Working Team, moving, testing and mass production were carried out continuously. Then we can maximally guarantee the work of relocation and production at the same time, without influence on order delivery.

As shown in the picture, CAPT Plant Relocation Working Meeting is being held at the new plant. All department leaders sat around a temporary table, with a big smile on their face.  Everyone is busy and orderly.

Our maintainers and staff from manufacturer are busy testing the machine tool.

Entering into the new office, there is a tone of Hui-style architecture and a sense of modernization. I happened to see the staff from our machine manufacturer is wiring for the exchanging room. Ah, I have to admit that investment for IT is really a must for our digitalized plant.  

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