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CAPT Relocation:The journey to the new facility(3)


CAPT Relocation:The journey to the new facility(3)

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CAPT new plant network construction has been officially started since July 1, 2020. As of today, the network project phase one has been completed after 24 days of intensive construction.

Information-based network system is the fundamental nervous system of the factory, while to realize the digitalization of factory workshops, we need to set up network first. For this purpose, CAPT new plant network construction has been officially started since July 1, 2020. As of today, the network project phase one has been completed after 24 days of intensive construction.

At present, the network system has covered the whole factory including actuators, bushings & pulleys, casting and packing workshops, canteen and six on-site offices; the optical fiber of backbone at new plant reaches 10 gigabit and desktop category six gigabit design standards, powered by domestic Huawei IPV6 communication equipment; network service includes comprehensive integration of internet, telephone and video surveillance.  

New plant information comprehensive integration service provide by China Telecom Group system integration Co., LTD. Hebei branch. According to the 5G strategic cooperation agreement signed between CAPT and China Telecom: we will continue to carry out the internet of things construction of CNC machines based on industrial 5G communication technology, to realize the integrated planning as a pilot of “digital workshop”, “industrial internet”, “intelligent manufacturing” after the fundamental construction completion and successfully relocation of new plant.

At present, supporting facilities of 5G basic communication in the new plant has already put into service, you can try and feel “mobile phone surfing” in advance. In brief, by the cooperation with China Telecom and mutual efforts all of us, we are expecting to a more wonderful future. We are more determined to keep trying on the road of digitalization construction.


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